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Opening Doors Since 1858

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Opening Doors Since 1858

For over 150 years, the LCU Fund for Women’s Education has offered a helping hand to newcomers and career-seekers striving to make their mark in the great metropolis of New York, where dreams all too often dangle just out of reach. Starting in 1858, the LCU began helping women secure safe, affordable housing in New York City; more recently, through its innovative grant program launched in 2001, the LCU Fund has awarded over $10.5M to 35 educational institutions to alleviate housing costs for female students of limited financial means.  While the LCU Fund has evolved from providing housing to being a private grant-making foundation, its mission has never changed: to address the alarming imbalance between New York City’s extraordinary educational opportunities and the shortage of low-cost housing.

LCU Fund is NYC’s only student grant program that specifically covers housing, thereby closing what is often an insurmountable gap between academic scholarship money and the reality of living in New York. With these grants, some 2,000 promising women have been freed to focus on their studies and stay on track to complete their degrees. Upon graduation, LCU Fund scholars embark upon meaningful careers in a range of fields with one thing in common — they are dedicated to giving back to the community and making a difference in the lives of others.

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The LCU Fund for Women’s Education is a private, secular, non-profit organization with more than 150 years of providing housing support for women pursuing their education.

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