Funded Scholars

Funded Scholars Eligibility

The LCU Fund for Women’s Education awards funds to selected institutions which in turn disburse funds per the foundation’s grantee eligibility criteria. Grantee institutions must disburse funds regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, age or disability.

Research shows that low to middle income undergraduate scholars are most likely to drop out of school in their final two years of school. Given this trend, the LCU Fund will focus its support on undergraduate scholars at the Junior and Senior levels. The LCU Fund will continue to support graduate scholars in select programs.

As a full-time student, one must:

  • Be enrolled in either a graduate or undergraduate (Junior or Senior level) program in the arts, education, social work, public administration, religious leadership, criminal justice or health care at a grantee institution at the time of application for an award;
  • Earn less than $30,000 a year and have no, or very limited, assistance from family or other outside sources;
  • Possess a minimum grade point average of 3.0 (on a 4.0 scale) or provide a portfolio or other evidence of academic or programmatic success;

In addition to the requirements above, a part-time student must:

  • Complete 9 credits (or the equivalent of three courses) of core/required classes;
  • Supply evidence of internship, part-time or full-time employment, if requested.