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LCU Fund Phenomenal Women Project

Calling all Current LCU Fund students and alumni! Be part of our Phenomenal Women Project....

Greetings from the LCU Fund for Women’s Education! Remember us? We’re the foundation that awarded you a housing grant, so that you could complete your education with a little more peace of mind.

The LCU Fund is committed to helping exceptional women like you complete your degrees. We do this by providing housing grants. This support may mean not having to take that second or third job; not having to borrow more for living expenses; or not having to delay graduation. Instead, we hope that our students work fewer hours and feel less overwhelmed by the burden of paying for rent in a very expensive city.

We believe in our work. We want others to know more about us and to join in our efforts.

This is where you come in…

The richness of our story is the aspiration, dedication and perseverance of the women whom we have supported over the years. We invite you to share your story.

In the coming weeks, we will be collecting short videos and photos of current LCU Fund recipients and alumni that we will feature in our LCU Fund Phenomenal Women Project. We have found that it is you – our funded students – who most inspire donors to contribute to our cause.

To help get your creative juices flowing, here are a couple themes we’d love for you to showcase in video or photo format:
1) How the LCU Fund changed my life: Tell us about your career and how your degree changed your life. For example, did the Fund enable to you to finish your degree sooner, or to stay in school when you were afraid you might have to drop out? Are you now working at your dream job? Show us! 
2) A Day in the Life: We already know that LCU Fund students are an impressive bunch – but that you’re out in the “real world,” we’d love to know what amazing things you’re doing with the education you worked so hard to obtain. Where are you living now? What new opportunities have opened for you?

Please remember that the videos do NOT need to be professional quality. We are happy to edit them for you.

If submitting a video, please follow these tips:
• Film a video on a phone, camera, or webcam
• 90 seconds maximum
• If filming on a phone, film in the landscape or horizontal orientation
• Choose good lighting (bright lighting, but not in direct sunlight)
• Upload and send to our email as a .wmv, .mp4, or. Avi format
• Be as creative as you’d like!

If submitting a photo, please include a photo and a small paragraph about your story.

Please submit photos or videos by May 18, 2018 to this email. Those submitting videos will be entered to win one of three $250 Amazon gift cards.

Disclaimer: By submitting content, you consent for it to be used by the LCU Fund for Women’s Education to use it for the purposes of promotion to the public on social media, the LCU Fund’s website and in print material.

If you have any questions about this project, please email us at


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