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LCU Fund Announces 2017 President's Award Recipient

Established in 2012 to honor past LCU Fund for Women’s Education Board President Carol Farris, the President’s Award for Excellence in Leadership recognizes a supported student who demonstrates extraordinary leadership in her school and / or home community. 

The Fund is pleased to announce that Anne Marie Witchger, a student at the General Theological Seminary, has been selected as this year's recipient.

As a student, Anne Marie is actively engaged in the formational life of the Seminary.  She is committed to daily spiritual practices, which include regular participation in communal worship and prayer. In and beyond the Seminary, she has taken initiative for her own education and formation. She has attended the Preaching Excellence Program and plans to attend Missional Voices. Committed to her ongoing theological education, she has decided to pursue a Masters of Arts in Ministry at the Seminary.  Seeing an opportunity for vocational growth, she has recently moved from her largely administrative position at All Angels' Church to a more ministry- focused opportunity at The Church of the Heavenly Rest.  As a reader, preacher, officiant and pastoral presence, she is developing into leader and a transformative agent for the community.

Other 2017 nominees for the award include Sharmin Uddin (Baruch), Mistee Denson (Columbia School of Social Work), Lucy Turnbull (NY Studio School), Leeanna Chipana (NY Academy of Art), Kalyca Seabrook (Columbia School of Nursing) and Elizabeth Ramos (Phillips School of Nursing).

The award will be presented at a celebration on Thursday, October 19th from 6:30pm to 8:30pm at the Manhattan Club. Purchase tickets here.